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Vietnam Statistical Yearbook 2019

By | 16/09/2020

Preface Administrative, Land and Climate Units Population and Labor National Accounts, State Budget, Banking and Insurance Industry, Investment and Construction Enterprises, Cooperatives and Individual Non-Agricultural Economic Establishments Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Trade and tourism Price index Transportation and Posts and Telecommunications Education Health, Culture, Sports, Residential Living Standards, Social Order, Safety, Justice and Environment Foreign statistics    … Read More »

Socio-economic data of 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam

By | 12/05/2020

(1) Một số chỉ tiêu kinh tế – xã hội chủ yếu của 63 tỉnh và thành phố trực thuộc Trung ương, gồm số liệu các năm 2015-2018 của 63 tỉnh và thành phố trực thuộc trung ương được thu thập và tổng hợp từ nguồn
số liệu do địa phương tính toán; (2) Số liệu kinh tế – xã hội tổng hợp cả nước, gồm số liệu của cả nước từ năm 2015 đến 2018.

Enterprise White Paper 2020

By | 29/04/2020

To meet the requirements of managers, research and use information to serve national and local enterprise development goals, the Minister of Planning and Investment directs the General Statistics Office to preside over compiling. and announced “Vietnam Business White Book 2020”. The content includes basic information assessing the level of enterprise development nationwide and in localities in the 2016-2019 period,… Read More »

White Book of Vietnam Cooperative 2020

By | 29/04/2020

To meet the Government’s request, managers and researchers use information to serve the national and local cooperative development goals, from 2020 the Minister of Planning and Investment shall direct the General The Department of Statistics presides over compiling and publishing the annual whitepaper of Vietnamese cooperatives. The content “White Paper of Vietnam cooperatives in 2020” (the first year of… Read More »