Rice market analysis report for 2019

By | 11/10/2020

The report describes the current situation of Vietnam’s rice industry in 2019. Based on statistical data, scientific analysis and official. The report is a useful reference for students, researchers, businesses, and individuals doing business in Vietnam.

Refer to the table of contents below:

1. Overview of Vietnam’s rice industry

1.1. Manufacturing

Change in area, productivity

Distribution of production, labor, season

Scale production

1.2. Export and import

Export turnover, categories

Market, product structure

1.3. Current situation of rice processing

Type and processing capacity

Processing capacity

1.4. Rice consumption

Rice consumption structure

2. The value chain of the rice industry

String diagram description

Analysis of the effects of actors in the value chain of the rice industry

3. Policy supporting the rice industry

4. Analyze the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and challenges of the industry


Data tables

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