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Socio-economic data of Vietnam September 2020

By | 01/10/2020

Gross domestic product at current prices Gross domestic product at constant 2010 prices Agricultural production to September 15, 2020 Livestock products Forest production results Fishery production Industrial production index for September and 9 months of 2020 Industrial production index for the quarters of 2020 Some major industrial products in September and September of 2020 Some major products of… Read More »

Socio-economic data of Vietnam August 2020

By | 16/09/2020

Agricultural production to August 15, 2020 Industrial production index Some of the main products of the industry Labor use index of industrial enterprises Labor use index of industrial enterprises by locality Some targets about the business Newly registered enterprise (*) Business return to operation The enterprise suspends its business for a period of time Enterprise completed dissolution procedures… Read More »