Vietnam agricultural market report dated 21 Sep 2020

By | 02/10/2020

 Rubber: In 10 days between September 2020, rubber prices in Asian markets rebounded.
 Coffee: In mid-September 2020, Robusta and Arabica coffee prices decreased due to favorable weather in Brazil.
 Pepper: In September 2020, export price of black pepper from India and Vietnam increased while that in Indonesia decreased; export prices of white pepper from Vietnam and Indonesia increased.
 Vegetables and fruits: The Thai Food and Drug Administration has issued regulations governing the monitoring of pesticide residues on imported fresh agricultural products, effective from August 1. 2020.
 Cassava and cassava products: Prices of cassava and cassava products in Thailand are stable.
 Fishery: In July 2020, India’s shrimp exports decreased due to a decrease in farmed shrimp supplies. EU shrimp demand is forecast to increase again in the spring of 2021 if prices continue to remain low. The trend of the market to supply shrimp to the EU will also be more volatile when the EVFTA Agreement helps Vietnamese shrimp to be more competitive compared to Indian and Indonesian shrimp.
 Timber and wood products: China’s log imports plummeted both in volume and value in the first half of 2020. US consumers spend a lot on furniture in August 2020.

 Rubber: Domestic raw rubber price in the middle 10 days in September 2020 tends to increase. Rubber export in 8/2020 continued to strongly recover. The market share of Vietnamese rubber in total imports of India in the first 6 months of 2020 decreased compared to the same period in 2019.
 Coffee: In the last 5 years, Vietnam’s coffee industry has replanted about 130,000 hectares of old coffee (exceeding the planned target of 120,000 hectares). Coffee exports in August 2020 continued to decrease over the same period in 2019. Vietnam’s coffee market share in Thailand’s total imports in the first 7 months of 2020 decreased slightly compared to the same period in 2019.
 Pepper: In September 2020, domestic black pepper prices were stable. Average pepper export price in 8/2020 continued to recover. The share of Vietnamese pepper in India’s total imports decreased.
 Vegetables: Market share of tamarind, apple, fresh cashew fruit, lychee, jackfruit, plum, sapodilla, passion fruit, star fruit and dragon fruit (HS code 081090) of Vietnam in total EU imports 27 decreases. In August 2020, fruit and vegetable exports increased again, reaching US $ 276 million, up 24.1% compared to July 2020 and 2.7% compared to August 2019.
 Cassava and cassava products: Most of the cassava processing factories in Vietnam have resumed operations after the maintenance period. 8/2020, exports of cassava and cassava products to China decreased, exports to South Korea and Malaysia increased.
 Fishery: In the middle 10 days of September 2020, the price of raw pangasius in An Giang province continued to be low because the export situation has not shown any positive signs; prices of raw shrimp in Ca Mau province decreased. In August 2020, seafood exports to the US market continued to increase; Seafood exports to the EU market showed positive signs when increasing 1.7% over the same period in 2019. In July 2020, India overtook Vietnam, becoming the largest shrimp supplier to quality for Japan.
 Wood and wood products: Vietnam’s share of total wood furniture imports from Australia decreases. In August 2020, the export of wood and wood products increased by 21.6% compared to August 2019, this is the 4th consecutive month that the export of wood and wood products increased over the previous month and increased over the same period last year 2019.

Source: MOIT

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